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Lesbians Love Me.

Its true.  I mean, I am really sort of totally into guys but for some reason-lesbians really like me.  And not just think it would be fun to hang.  No no.  They want to stick there tongues places I don’t really want them to as they aren’t dudes.  It is actually getting bizarre.  I am not bothered by it, I just can’t place why.

And for the record, as per any usual K-Rock Bar Night hosted by yours truly I was groped.  However this was by a lesbian, hence the blog.




Man.  You guys know how to party.  I mean, wow.  I can’t even be upset.  I am just impressed.  And thankful.  So thank you for coming to our little party.  Ty’s personal highlights?

1. Caustic ate your mother.  They rock HARD but GOOOOOOOOOD.  The guys signed autographs for about 17 hrs as well, just awesome. 

2. Play time with Dead Rose.  Those kids are beyond talented.  Not only did they play for you, they showed up a lot of other bands you’ve seen before-and paid way more to see!

3. Armor for Sleep and their Mac Book.  Great guys, totally grateful to come out for you guys.  I have gotten 7 thank yous from each member.  They loved you! 

4. Billy Howerdel’s bald head.  I mean really, it’s just impressive in it’s dome-age.  So creamy white and smooth.  Oh did I mention he is really fucking talented?

5.  Hurt. 

6. J Loren from Hurt standing on the baracade, being engulfed by the crowd.  At this point I had given up my camera for some pictures by others so I had to do the cell phone camera move.  

 J Loren of Hurt at DFB

I woke up Sunday morning with AIDS.  I blame the beverages consumed on the bus with Hurt.  Yes, sorry you weren’t invited to the afterparty. 

Thank you guys again for everything you did to make Saturday not only a success but a great memory!  Happy Memorial Day =)