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I will NOT be One Less Loney Girl…or something.

I am for all intents and purposes, a girl.  I have the parts, I use the parts.  I am domestic to a point.  So it should not come as a massive shock that I go to the place where girls go and I get things like my nails done, massages and the like.  So when I came across this excerpt from Express I was horrified.  


Justin Bieber, in partnership with Nicole by OPI, is designing a nail polish line inspired by his hit singles. The first six lacquers in the One Less Lonely Girl collection will debut at Wal-Mart in December, with more to come in January, reported. Among the hues: One Less Lonely Glitter (lavender), Prized Possession Purple, Give Me the First Dance (silver) and Me + Blue (dark blue).”

I give any of you permission to not only harass me but also, injure me if I end up in one of these colors.  I do not understand the Biebs.  I don’t understand why the girls love him so much.  I don’t know much about him BUT I know that every time I see him on that American Cancer Society commercial singing “Hppy Birthday, I instantly want to kill babies.