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Bailey Flix You Off: When In Rome

If you can get over the cheesy story line then you’ll thoroughly enjoy yourself. It seems they handed a story line to great comedic writers and said, “Make this work.” And they did. There are brillant moments that make you truly laugh. There are no twists and turns, so if you’re looking for a suprise, this is not the movie for you.

For those of you who don’t know the backstory: Kristen Bell (Beth) is a scorned workaholic who ends up being moderately swept off her feet at her sister’s wedding in Rome by Josh Duhamel (Nick.) While there, she gets a little drunk and decides to take coins out of Trevi Fountain (the Fountain of Love) out of spite. The men who belong to these coins then fall for her and she spends the rest of the movie dodging them and their incredibly creepy advances.

There is not a lot to this movie, except a good time. It’s witty, it’s cute, and overall It gets 3.5 pandas out of 5. It’s a matinee or a redbox rental, but I don’t think you would be angry if you spent $11 to see it.


Background information on my reviews: I find that the best way to see movies is with absolutely no expectations. This allows me to really evaluate the movie without any prejudice towards it regarding the actors, directors, producers etc.

Official Statistics
Running time: 91 minutes

Rated: PG-13
Kristen Bell – Beth
Josh Duhamel – Nick
Will Arnett – Antonio
Alexis Dziena – Joan
Jon Heder – Lance
Dax Shepard – Gale
Danny DeVito – Al

Director: Mark Steven Johnson

Official Movie Web Site: