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Healthy eating

I have realized a major flaw in myself.  I eat healthy when told what the nutritional facts are, but if you don’t show me what they may be, I eat what I want.  Now this would be fine if I lived the sort of life that allowed for eating at home only.  Unfortunately, that is not my life. 

So this morning I decided that I needed to hit the produce section of a grocery store and really get some vitamins and minerals in.  I went to Whole Foods, gave them a lot of my money and have ingested a mixed fruit bowl for breakfast.  There is a salad in my lunching future.  I am hoping that this healthy eating today makes me feel like a super hero.  I would like to feel like a super hero.

If I were a super hero, I would fly to work.  I wouldn’t sit in traffic, even in the rain.  I would fly my friends to work too.  Man, I want to fly to stuff.