Questions answered

Since the announcement of my new job, I have been getting a lot of the same questions so I figured I would answer them all here:

Q.  Are you really going to DC101?

A.  Yes.  Allaccess, FMQB and RAMP don’t lie.

Q. Why aren’t you going by “Ty” at DC101?

A. Elliot’s producer is named Tyler…so I will be going by my last name on air.  Most people will continue to call me Ty and I will still answer to that.  I will also answer to Bailey, Panda, Tydig, Diggery and pretty much anything else friendly.

Q.  Are you moving to DC? 

A. Yes I am.  Well technically, I am moving to Bethesda short term with a friend.  From there I will decide where I am living permanently.

Q. What is your job going to be?

A. I will be doing middays and the local music show “Local Lix.”  I will not be doing programming or music directing. 

Q.  How do you feel about all this?

A.  I am bummed to be leaving Baltimore.  I am still in shock that I am going to get to work with such a great staff and at a legendary station.  I am excited to focus on being a jock.  I miss the days of being exhausted after my show because I ran a ton of calls and was so into it that it was cardiovascular.  I am also excited about having hobbies again. 

Q.  Where will you get Franks Red Hot?

A. I am taking a case from the mailroom with me, then I will have to go back to buying it.  Sad.

Q.  Will you visit Baltimore?

A. Yes, mostly during baseball season.

Q.  What is your contact information?

A.  My cell is the same, my email address still works right now but you can start using Bailey at or my personal email is

I think that pretty much sums ‘er all up.  Feel free to hit me with additional questions!  Thank you all for the well wishes and congratulations.  I am very grateful and lucky to have such great people in my life.


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  1. Dan Levett Said:

    I will have to come visit sometime! I’ve never been to DC before.

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