Being an adult is over rated…much like Friends reruns

I am moving.  I need to pack.  The last time I moved it was literally 2 miles to the house I am in now.  Needless to say the packing was sort of throw in a box, maybe it will close and not break in a 2 mile drive.

This time, I have boxes and bubble wrap, tape, markers…the works.  I even have that weird paper on a roll.

When I was a kid we moved a lot.  Buffalo to Syracuse, 3 different places in Syracuse then to Rochester.  I know how to pack.  Problem is, I don’t care to.  Yet I don’t want the movers touching my crap.  And I don’t even have enough crap to really require movers.  I know this to be fact cause one of the movers, in between hitting on me over the phone, told me to just buy new crap.  Thanks bro.  Douche.

I don’t even like my stuff.  I don’t want to move it either but I don’t get reimbursed when I buy new stuff…thats not how it works.  So the crap-gets packed-by me-and moved-far away.

That wouldn’t be a bad song title.


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