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X Games consume me

X GAMES. I have become obsessed with skating again. I learned how to skate on a kool-aid man deck…back when collecting kool-aid points was helpful. At some point in high school my ankles decided that skating wasn’t in the cards. Buzzkill. But I had moved on to volleyball anyway so I wasn’t devastated.

Now I don’t skate and I don’t play volleyball so when either are on tv, I am hooked.

Today is day 3 of the X Games. Sandro Dias is way hot. And his website is in spanish…hott. He sort of sucked in the Men’s Skateboard Vert Finals but he made the finals..on the bubble but still! He did well before the finals. Shaun White sort of blew the finals though. Didn’t fall til finals then fell a bunch but nailed the armadillo so yeah..bronze.

Who wants to hit the skate park?

PS I’m on vacation and I had the chance to actually GO to the X Games, apparently Audrina from the Hills was there…I know this because my bff stalked her. Normal.