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Being an adult is over rated…much like Friends reruns

I am moving.  I need to pack.  The last time I moved it was literally 2 miles to the house I am in now.  Needless to say the packing was sort of throw in a box, maybe it will close and not break in a 2 mile drive.

This time, I have boxes and bubble wrap, tape, markers…the works.  I even have that weird paper on a roll.

When I was a kid we moved a lot.  Buffalo to Syracuse, 3 different places in Syracuse then to Rochester.  I know how to pack.  Problem is, I don’t care to.  Yet I don’t want the movers touching my crap.  And I don’t even have enough crap to really require movers.  I know this to be fact cause one of the movers, in between hitting on me over the phone, told me to just buy new crap.  Thanks bro.  Douche.

I don’t even like my stuff.  I don’t want to move it either but I don’t get reimbursed when I buy new stuff…thats not how it works.  So the crap-gets packed-by me-and moved-far away.

That wouldn’t be a bad song title.


Apparently I have a urethra

Who knew?  I probably should have payed attention in High School Health.  Thanks for the anatomy lesson Laurie.

Effing Vending Machine

So we just got my favorite candy in the vending machine at work, Peanut Butter M&Ms.  DEEEEEELICIOUS.  I was having an ok day…did my show..grabbed lunch…doing some work.  And then it hit me,  I CAN BE EATING PBM&Ms!  So I grabbed 75 cents and hit the break room.  The fuckers got stuck!  I tried shaking and knocking it with my ass, to no avail.  Last time one of the sales guys got it, he was not successful this time.  So I went and got 75 more cents…then THAT pack got stuck…75 more cents later…I have 3 bags of goddamn m&ms and I am poor.  WTF.


How did my family even live with me like this?  I mean really.

Listen to me, young grasshopper…

I am wise.  You must heed my warnings.

I am wise. You must heed my warnings.

Wanna Play?

I'm bored.  Let's DO THIS!

I'm bored. Let's DO THIS!

X Games consume me

X GAMES. I have become obsessed with skating again. I learned how to skate on a kool-aid man deck…back when collecting kool-aid points was helpful. At some point in high school my ankles decided that skating wasn’t in the cards. Buzzkill. But I had moved on to volleyball anyway so I wasn’t devastated.

Now I don’t skate and I don’t play volleyball so when either are on tv, I am hooked.

Today is day 3 of the X Games. Sandro Dias is way hot. And his website is in spanish…hott. He sort of sucked in the Men’s Skateboard Vert Finals but he made the finals..on the bubble but still! He did well before the finals. Shaun White sort of blew the finals though. Didn’t fall til finals then fell a bunch but nailed the armadillo so yeah..bronze.

Who wants to hit the skate park?

PS I’m on vacation and I had the chance to actually GO to the X Games, apparently Audrina from the Hills was there…I know this because my bff stalked her. Normal.