I bought a hat.

Last year for the first DFB I got a great straw hat. It is festive and it is officially my DFB hat. Now I feel like K-Rockathon needs a hat. So I have been searching. And while the DFB hat was much more organic-I liked it, bought it and decided it was perfect for said event, the K-Rockathon hat is much more calculated.

Tomorrow after the ty radio program, I will be heading out to the illustrious scene of the premeditated crime aka Weedsport Speedway for K-Rockathon set up bonanza. I am thinking of test driving the hat as its going to be hot as balls and I don’t want to die.

Ok that was a lot of me being a girl. Sorry about that. I’ll go shotgun a beer and eat a turkey leg…ps I am watching Sportscenter so I think that means I am not totally in girl mode.


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