My love hate relationship with infomercials

I think we need to start this whole blog with a confession. I, ty, am addicted to the Food Network. So that’s a whole other blog entry. Moving on but still talking about the Food Network: their programming doesn’t start at the same time that I wake up. So on a day like today when I have the day off, I turn on FN and it’s infomercials.

Now most people would be upset by this. Not I. I instantly am frozen in bed, regardless of my need to relieve the bladder of what happened last night that won’t be discussed. I proceed to watch the new “10 Minute Trainer by Tony Horton” and “Miracle Beauty” from Cindy Crawford. I got up in between. I went potty and I grabbed my laptop. The only reason I got up was to google reviews about the 10 Minute Trainer. I want it. I also want the Cindy Crawford skin line.

I have a problem with infomercials. I want all of the things that deal with exercise and cooking. I also am now 27 yrs of age and although to most people I look 18…soon I will look 27 and that will make me want wrinkle creams. This is all not good. I don’t make enough money to pay all these easy payments of 39.95. BUT IF I ORDER IN THE NEXT 10 MINUTES I GET EXPRESS SHIPPING FOR FREE…A $15 VALUE!

Things I have already purchased in my lifetime based on infomercials include but are not limited to (aka the ones I will admit to): Superslicer, George Foreman Grill, Miracle Blades, Yoga Booty Ballet, Power 90, Turbo Jam…I think I will stop there as really…that is already enough.

I walked away today without buying anything. I have learned to google reviews of things before buying them so that has helped. But really…Tony Horton you son of a bitch…I will probably end up with the 10 Minute Trainer off ebay.

I. Am. Pathetic.


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