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Passwords are becoming too hard.

Have you signed up for things lately? All of a sudden passwords need to be 8 characters with numbers and letters and I CAN’T REMEMBER THIS MANY PASSWORDS. Then I have to have them send the password to my email address so I can remember that they made me angry when trying to sign up so I made up something I clearly will never remeber because I am using random letters and words so that I can’t be hacked.

Someone let me have my 6 word password. I don’t care if you, computer generated bastard, think my password is weak. I WANT THE SAME PASSWORD FOR MULTIPLE THINGS BECAUSE I CAN’T REMEMBER 7000 PASSWORDS.

the end.


Someday. I’ll have that.

K-Rockathon was sick.  Thanks to everyone who made it an amazing day and by far one of the coolest things i have ever done.

I am pretty stoked about friday’s Thriving Ivory In Store at Best Buy.  Why?  Cause I think this band is gonna be the next fucking Matchbox 20.  Crazy talented.  Now why would a rock jock care about someone like Matchbox 20?  The same reason Goo Goo Dolls are big in Buffalo.  Goos were a fucking punk band.  And now…”Slide” doesn’t make me want to mosh.

Bands grow and change and I think that this band is going to evolve into something amazing.  And I am proud to be at the cusp.



Someday.  I will.

I bought a hat.

Last year for the first DFB I got a great straw hat. It is festive and it is officially my DFB hat. Now I feel like K-Rockathon needs a hat. So I have been searching. And while the DFB hat was much more organic-I liked it, bought it and decided it was perfect for said event, the K-Rockathon hat is much more calculated.

Tomorrow after the ty radio program, I will be heading out to the illustrious scene of the premeditated crime aka Weedsport Speedway for K-Rockathon set up bonanza. I am thinking of test driving the hat as its going to be hot as balls and I don’t want to die.

Ok that was a lot of me being a girl. Sorry about that. I’ll go shotgun a beer and eat a turkey leg…ps I am watching Sportscenter so I think that means I am not totally in girl mode.

Wanna see my tan lines?

I was outsite a lot yesterday.  Giving out free gas and talking up Universe Cell and Dish helped me achieve the sexiest god damn farmers tan on this side of the Mississippi.  Try not to be too jealous.

Today was supposed to be hot and delicious and Tiff and I were going to hit Sylvan for a little cancer by the lake.  Well clearly the monsoon made that impossible so I still have tan o’ farm’er.

The good news is that I did jack today instead of beaching.  I pretended to do laundry and dishes like a good bachlorette housewife in training.  Keyword pretend.

In conclusion- BRAVES WON 12-3!

Itchy feet

I hate bug bites.  I thought I had done well.  I wore my “OFF.”  I wore long jeans and long sleeves and all that stuff mom always said to do.  Yet my feet, they were sandaled.

Last night I had the worst sleep ever because my feet were covered in mosquito bites.  Thing is, they were from FRIDAY!  Where have them been hiding?!  Why now?  Why me?

I am a tasty treat for all to enjoy in bugworld.


I convinced my friend to put a firepit in her new backyard at her new house.  I am pretty sure that is the greatest thing I have done all year.  Had a great time lighting things and sitting by them.  Made smores and cooked over the fire as well.  Discovered a decent amount of new delicious adult beverages.  Good work.  Go Me!

My love hate relationship with infomercials

I think we need to start this whole blog with a confession. I, ty, am addicted to the Food Network. So that’s a whole other blog entry. Moving on but still talking about the Food Network: their programming doesn’t start at the same time that I wake up. So on a day like today when I have the day off, I turn on FN and it’s infomercials.

Now most people would be upset by this. Not I. I instantly am frozen in bed, regardless of my need to relieve the bladder of what happened last night that won’t be discussed. I proceed to watch the new “10 Minute Trainer by Tony Horton” and “Miracle Beauty” from Cindy Crawford. I got up in between. I went potty and I grabbed my laptop. The only reason I got up was to google reviews about the 10 Minute Trainer. I want it. I also want the Cindy Crawford skin line.

I have a problem with infomercials. I want all of the things that deal with exercise and cooking. I also am now 27 yrs of age and although to most people I look 18…soon I will look 27 and that will make me want wrinkle creams. This is all not good. I don’t make enough money to pay all these easy payments of 39.95. BUT IF I ORDER IN THE NEXT 10 MINUTES I GET EXPRESS SHIPPING FOR FREE…A $15 VALUE!

Things I have already purchased in my lifetime based on infomercials include but are not limited to (aka the ones I will admit to): Superslicer, George Foreman Grill, Miracle Blades, Yoga Booty Ballet, Power 90, Turbo Jam…I think I will stop there as really…that is already enough.

I walked away today without buying anything. I have learned to google reviews of things before buying them so that has helped. But really…Tony Horton you son of a bitch…I will probably end up with the 10 Minute Trainer off ebay.

I. Am. Pathetic.