Who knew that asians made great chicken wings?!

Ok so thats sort of a stretch.  I enjoy chicken wings.  I am from Buffalo. Deal.

My favorite wings in Central NY come from a place called Change of Pace.  Again, deal.  I have tried chicken wings anywhere from Albany to Niagara Falls, to Los Angeles and New Orleans…bitch the best wings are at (in no particular order exactly) Duffs in Buffalo, McGregors in Rochester and Change of Pace in Syracuse.  Yes there are solid wings at Cavallos and McGills but I am telling you now they do not compare.

Back to the asian.

“Mark.”  This dude makes the tastiest goddamn chicken wing.  It’s too bad he is a Mets fan.  I’d consider marriage.  Crispy and saucy and delivered hot as hell to my face.  Atta boy.

Mark, thanks for dinner.  It was delicious with my pitcher of beer and cup o’ blue cheese.

The end.


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